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$BUTTER Launch

Token Launch Staking

Once liquidity is provided with the successful token launch, the acquired tokens can be staked on our platform in our own Launch Pools. Here are the two ways you can earn extra $BUTTER Tokens:
Provide Liquidity
Add Liquidity to our main trading pair BUTTER/BNB and stake your LP tokens on ButterFinance. This is our bigger pool. Additional liquidity helps us to keep the token price stable and opens us up to many new users which accelerate ButterFinance's growth.
Single $BUTTER Staking
Simply stake your favourite token ($BUTTER 😉) in our single token staking pool. The total amount paid out through this pool is less than the liquidity staking pool above, but we are offering this for users, who don't want to expose themselves to potential impermanent loss.
The coin launch will be taking a total of 365 days in which we pay out ~61% of the total supply. Then the pools are depleted and we reach total supply of BUTTER.
Once we conclude the coin launch process, the treasury contract takes over and starts paying out yields.
While the coin launch process lasts, we are already building and growing the treasury as planned. This will support the token price from the get go, allows the ButterFinance team to grow the platform with marketing and most importantly offer a great APY on day one when the treasury pay out staking begins.
Last modified 8mo ago