ButterFinance Docs

Staking & Treasury Pay-Outs

Yield rewards of the treasury are paid out to $BUTTER stakers. To stake your $BUTTER, go to the Staking page and locate the staking contract. Deposit your tokens and you will start receiving pay-outs per block.
The share received is based on the total amount of $BUTTER tokens staked.
Due to the manual nature of how the treasury invests (with the use of a multi-sig wallet) the yield of the treasury will be deposited into the staking contract regularly in batches.
However, the pay-outs to stakers will be happening per block over a period of time. In other words: The treasury is filling up the staking contract to pay the yields out slowly. This way there is no unfair advantage for users to come in fast and take the profits and unstake/sell the token.
On the other hand, it allows us to have no lock up on the staking contract. Users can deposit and withdraw their $BUTTER tokens and accrued rewards any time and trade them on the market. Or stake them again to receive a bigger share of the profits.
At release we set the contract for a pay-out period of 3 months for the staking contract to be “emptied”. This is variable and can be changed through proposals.
With every new yield deposit of the treasury earnings, the period will be reset and the new and higher amount (current amount + new deposit) will then have 3 months again to be paid out.


Numbers below are fictional and just for educational purpose.
The treasury deposits 90 $BUTTER into the staking contract to be paid out as yield over the course of 3 months.
The APR shown is 10%.
After 10 days the staking contract has 80 $BUTTER left to be paid out. 10 $BUTTER have been paid out to stakers as rewards.
The treasury deposits now 100 $BUTTER into the staking contract as rewards.
New amount: 180 $BUTTER (80 old + 100 new)
The staking contract resets to with target to be empty in 3 months with 180 $BUTTER to be paid out.
APR is now 20%.